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State Officers

The State Council includes the following elected officers:

These Officers are elected annually and traditionally serve two terms. Elections are held in April of each year at the State Convention.

The State Chaplain is appointed by State Deputy and is a voting member of the State Council.

In addition to these officers, the State Executive Secretary, State Program Director and State Membership Director also serve the State Council and are appointed by the State Deputy.

The District Master is an ex-officio of the State Council.

In addition to the appointed officers, there are several State Directors and Chairmen that are considered part of the State Council and are under the direction of the Program Director and Membership Director. These are also appointed by the State Deputy.

Nebraska State Council Officers


State Deputy
Mark Borytsky

email Mark

State Chaplain and State Officers

State Chaplain
Rev. Joshua Brown

email Fr. Josh


State Secretary
Matt Richardson

email Matt

State Treasurer
Bob Wolf

email Bob


State Advocate
James Korth

email James

State Warden
Michael Schaeffer

email Mike


Past State Deputy

Louis (Lou) Gasper

email Lou

State Executive Secretary and District Master

State Executive Secretary
Ray Guggenberger

email Ray


District Master
Richard Lowery, PSD

email Richard