Vol. 28 - No. 8

Knights Notes

Aug 2017   

Next Meeting Is

Fr. Clement Bracht of St. Thomas More Council No. 10184

Tuesday, Aug 8


Officers at 7:00 PM
Regular at 7:30 PM

Message from the Grand Knight

    Thank you to everyone who helped with or purchased produce at our produce sale! The next produce sale will be Sunday, August 6th, from 8:30 a.m. to noon.
    Christians Encounter Christ (CEC) is modeled after the Cursillo. It was founded in Majorca, Spain by a group of laymen in 1944 while they were refining a technique to train pilgrimage Christian leaders. The CEC formed its own retreat plan approved by Archbishop Lucas. It is only a 2 & 1/2 day retreat and the cost is $80.00. The Men's weekend is October 20-22 2017, the Women's is November 3-5 2017. The weekends are due to fill up fast and there is a limit of 20-25 candidates. Please contact Phil and Sue Franco if you are interested or know of anyone interested in attending the retreat.
    Our next meeting will be Tuesday August 8th at 7:30 p.m.

     Mike McDonnell, GK

Produce Sales

    We had our first produce sale on Sunday morning, July 23. Our next (and last) sale this year will be on Sunday morning, August 6, beginning after the 8:00 AM Mass and continuing till around noon. Stop by and pick up some tasty fruit and vegetables.

Happy Birthday This Month To
Don Buxter
Don Schmeits
Heath Mello
Paul Reed
Brad Wiese
Fred Cottone
Patrick Foster
Dan Murphy
Bronson Gerken

Your Officers for 2016 - 2017
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Digital Coupons Fundraiser

    Our Council is launching a new Entertainment Digital fundraising opportunity. The purchase of an Entertainment Digital Savings membership gives you nationwide access for one year to thousands of money-saving coupons, right on your smartphone or print online. Typical savings are 2-for-1 offers and discounts of up to 50%. Merchants include restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more. The purchase price is $20. Use coupons from Omaha area merchants to save around town. While traveling around the country check for merchants in the areas you are visiting to save in those locations too. Please go to the home page of our council’s web site at (www.nebraskakofc.org/kc10184). and click on the “Entertainment RAISY” icon for more information.
    From now through September 30 you can purchase an Entertainment Digital Savings Membership card at the St. Thomas More rectory during normal office hours. During September you can purchase one in the vestibule of St. Thomas More Church at one of the weekend Masses. Or you can contact Greg Burrows (phone 402-346-4081 or email gburrows1@msn.com) for help in purchasing. You can also purchase a membership card online at the Entertainment web site (RAISY) and give credit to our Council for your purchase. Go to our Council home page as mentioned above and click on the “Entertainment RAISY” icon to use this option.
    We need help at the weekend Masses in September for these sales. You can volunteer at our August meeting or you can contact Greg as noted above. You can also help by promoting these Entertainment Digital memberships to your family and friends.

Looking for Email Addresses

    Having email addresses makes it considerably easier to pass along information to our members. If you have an email address but have not communicated it to me, please send it to gburrows1@msn.com. You can still receive our newsletter via the postal service if you like. Just let me know how you want to receive our newsletter when you communicate your email address to me.

For Long Term Care & Life Insurance

Call Brother Knight Blake Maly
1716 S 167th Avenue Circle,     Omaha, NE 68130
402-779-6577 (cell)

E-mail: blake.maly@kofc.org

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