Prince of Peace Council 10923

Kearney, NE68847

Application for Knights of Columbus Council 10923 Scholarship


Name ___________________________________________††††††††††† Date of Application_____________

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Fatherís Name _________________________________††††††††††† Applicantís Date of Birth_______________


Institution of Higher Education now attending _______________________________________________


Current major or course of study __________________________________________________________


Your G.P.A. _________ on a scale of _________††††††††††† __________________________________________

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        Must be a dependent of a Knight in good standing (up to date on membership dues) of Prince of Peace Council 10923.

        Dependent is defined as an unmarried child under the age of 24 who can be claimed as a legal dependent on their parentís or guardianís current year federal tax return.

        Must have successfully completed the first period of enrollment of a college, junior college or vocational school.

        Must be a full-time student in the current session and will be full-time student in the fall session.



        Please attach a separate sheet that describes your extracurricular activities.This would include any family, sports, church, academic, or fine arts related group or activities. List any other scholarships or awards you will have for the upcoming academic year.Also describe any awards, achievements, or recognition you may have received.Be sure to put your name on any additional sheets.

        Please attach a separate sheet which tells us why you deserve the scholarship.

        Please attach a letter of recommendation from an instructor in the area of your major.

        Please attach evidence of your current enrollment.This can be a printed copy of a schoolís on line registration system or a copy on official school stationery.



Selection will be based on scholarship, activities, and achievements of applicant as well as the active involvement of applicantís father in Prince of Peace Council 10923 activities.Applications are due by April 30th.


Submit Completed Application to: †††††††††††


Mike Fleshman

74038 V Road

Funk, NE68940