The Knights of Columbus champions life from conception to natural death. The Order supports the Church in its work to defend human life, conducts education programs for its members and the public, provides financial assistance to national and local right-to-life groups, and prays for the protection of life. The Order prints and distributes millions of pieces of pro-life literature at no charge.


Blood Drives

Knights throughout the world organize and conduct blood drives. In 1998 they reported nearly 345,000 blood donors at Knights of Columbus-sponsored blood drives.



Members' civic involvement comes in many forms. Councils and assemblies run campaigns urging citizens to vote. Knights take part in community recreation programs, patriotic observances, penal reform programs and cultural activities.



The Knights of Columbus has been at the forefront of efforts to stem the flood of pornography engulfing our culture. Councils promote programs to inform people

of the dangers of pornography and report violations of community standards to those responsible for

enforcing existing laws.



Volunteerism informed by Christian concern is the hallmark of the Knights of Columbus and results in outstanding contributions of time and talent to the Catholic Church, our communities, families, young people and brother Knights through the "Surge...with Service" program.  Much of the success for the Order's volunteer record can be attributed to the fact that the Supreme Council does not mandate participation in

any volunteer initiative. Fraternal and charitable programs arise at the grassroots level to meet the needs of local parishes and communities.


The sections under  “History”,“Membership”. “Pro-Life”, “Blood Drives”, “Civic”, “Anti-Pornography” and “Volunteer” were taken from the Supreme Council Web Site: http//