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Meetings are held at the above address.  on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  Rosary @ 7:45 and meeting @ 8:00 PM.

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Please let everyone know that the Nebraska State Facebook Page is officially Published.  It is online as of tonight and even if you do not have a facebook account you can type in  www.facebook.com/Nebraskakofc or copy and paste it in the address bar and you will be able to view the page and the pictures that have been posted.

Read what can happen when a country takes on pro family policies.


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NEW HAVEN — As part of its Protecting Our Children program, the Knights of Columbus has released a video that features the compelling experience of two parents who came to grips with the realization that their son had been molested by a trusted family friend.

The 30-minute feature video, “Protecting Our Children: A Family’s Response,” includes the first-hand recounting by a Knights of Columbus family of every parent’s worst nightmare—the sexual abuse of their child. The video also includes commentary and practical tips for parents from Dr. Monica Applewhite, a leading expert in the field of sexual abuse.

The family explains how easy it was to miss the signs that abuse was taking place and their regret that they were not more aware about some of the signs of abuse that would have helped them to know how to protect their children. Dr. Applewhite adds points regarding the tactics of predators and how they manage to manipulate their victims and those around them.

“This video is a critical resource for families seeking to keep their children safe,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “Hearing the experience of a mother, father and their son is eye opening and will help parents and guardians take the necessary steps to protect their children.”

The video, which is meant to complement the initiatives of other segments of the Church, will be distributed to members of the Knights of Columbus throughout the United States and Canada as part of its child protection program.

Additionally, the Knights of Columbus will create a family resource guide in conjunction with Dr. Applewhite that will accompany the video. The Knights and Dr. Applewhite are also exploring the possibility of producing age-appropriate videos for middle school and high school students to arm them with the information needed to prevent and disrupt sexual abuse. The Knights will offer the video to dioceses, Catholic schools and their employees and volunteers for free on its web site.

“The problem of the sexual abuse of minors needs to be addressed on a number of levels, but we want to focus our attention on protecting families, which is a founding principle of the Knights of Columbus,” Supreme Knight Anderson said. “The family in this video showed great courage by sharing their experience to help others.”

The video is grounded in the Knights’ Building the Domestic Church program, which encourages the development of faith-filled families.


2019 Totsie Roll und recipient!

District Reethow Champs left to right:  LucyKathol, Tobby Heine, LandonButlar, Aniston Wortmnn, Atman Kathol, Aaron Wortmann, Mason Baller, Mathew Loecker, Ryan Baller.