Fight like Fatima

The Virgin Mary has appeared in many countries asking those to whom she appeard to help her accomplish many thing.  In XX She appeard to Juan Diego in Guadelupe, Mexico, in 1917 she appeard to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, XXXX in Kita, Japan.  In all her appearitions she stressed the importance of the rosary in the fight against the forcws of hell.  What is the rosary?

Developing over time, the rosary is a medatative prayer designed to focus us on the lives of Jesus and Mary His mother.  One story says it started as a layman’s way of immitating the monks as they prayed the 150 Psalns.  One hail Mary for one Psalm.

JOYFUL suggested said on MON, SAT
1 Annunciation Humility
2 Visitation Love of Neighbor
3 Nativity of the Lord Poverty of Spirit
4 Presentation Obedience
5 Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple Piety
SOROWFUL suggested said on TUE, FRI
1 Agony in the Garden Contrition
2 Scourging at the Pillar Purity
3 Crowning with Thorns Moral Courage
4 Carrying of the Cross Patience
5 Crucifixion Salvation, Self-Denial
GLORIOUS suggested said on DUN, WED
1 The Resurrection Faith
2 Ascension Hope, Desire for Heaven
2 Descent of the Holy Spirit Wisdom, Love of God
4 The Assumption of Mary Devotion to Mary
5 Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Eternal Happiness
JUMINOUS suggested said on THUR
1 Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan Openness to the Holy Spirit
2 The Miracle at Cana To Jesus through Mary
3 Proclamation of the Kingdom of God: Repentance, Trust in God
4 Transfiguration Becoming a new person in Christ
5 Institution of the Eucharist Eucharistic Adoration

Divine Mercy

 Approximately 6000 years ago with the rule of society was might makes right. God entered the world by announcing himself to and making a covenant with Abram whose name was changed to Abraham. This is when God started teaching the people honors his law. Society is built on God's law. There IS absolute Truth in the world.   He passed this on to the Judeo-Christian tradition. He promised that his church would stand even against the gates of hell! 

 Since the beginning of time Satan has a lot to Terra part of God's kingdom. This is a text seems to have strengthened in the past century plus. Fortunately God does not leave us or for, he gives us tools that we can use to help bring about His will on earth. The picture above was painted per Sister Foustina's description.   The lessons taught to sister in the separations was, God's mercy is infinite and  dispensed dispensed to those who ask.

 World War II was predicted by Mary and Fatima in 1917. Mary, our mother, is the conduit through which all of gods graces are dispensed. At Fatima she also asked that we offer redemptive sacrifice it reparation for sinning and asked that we pray daily rosary to hasten her immaculate heart winning the battle. It is this request she asked of us that prompted this page on my counsel's website. As a night we are dedicated to Nary.   Our order was founded to fight with dignity of women especially widows and orphans.  It is my hope his page will foster  innter counsilm brotherly challenge to encourage all nights, and rguer friends, to take up Mary's request of a daily rosary. Recruit your other nights and see how you compare with councils across the country!  

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