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State of Nebraska

The items listed on this page were brought to thw attention of someone in the cuncil  and ask it be passed along.  Please read and exercise your rights as a US citizen to contact anyone involved.

Thank you.

Item #1



Please see the email below from Greg Schleppenbach, Executive Director, Nebraska Catholic Conference. 


This is a great source of information for you and your family and I would encourage you to read the email and prayerfully consider your participation.


The Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC) staff represents the public policy interests and concerns of the Bishops of Nebraska before the Legislature. The collective voices of Catholics across the state provide NCC with one of its strongest tools for advocacy. The newly-formed Catholic Advocacy Network Nebraska (CANN) is a statewide, grassroots network established by NCC to make it easy for Catholics to stay informed and make their voices heard on public policy issues affecting the poor, the disabled, the sick or dying, the unborn, the elderly, families and children, immigrants, the imprisoned, as well as marriage and religious liberty.

CANN subscribers receive educational materials related to legislative proposals and action alerts on key bills at both the state and federal levels that allow for quick and easy messaging to elected officials.

Please help the Nebraska Catholic Conference to be a more effective advocate for human life, marriage, family and religious liberty by signing up here. Then invite your friends and family to do so as well. By raising our voices together, we CANN make a difference in our state and nation!


Richard Lowery

State Deputy

Nebraska Knights of Columbus

One God One Family

tem #2

Dear Friend,
Welcome to Catholic Advocacy Network of Nebraska (CANN) and thank you for adding your name to this critical new advocacy voice on behalf of the Bishops in Nebraska. 
My goal for CANN is 10,000 members.  Please help us reach this goal by urging friends, family, parishioners, co-workers, etc. to join now. 
Please feel free to send the www.necatholic.org link in an email to everyone you think might be interested in joining the cause!
Thanks again!

Greg Schleppenbach
Nebraska Catholic Conference
215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 310
Lincoln, NE 68508


Please check back for any updates on Federal Governmental actions we can take to return this to a Nation under God!