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  Knights of Columbus Monthly Meeting


Aug. 28, 2019

Rosary 7:45 Meeting 8:00 PM

Note, 8:00PM meering time!

Dear Fellow Knights,

I can’t believe it It’s that time of the year again! School is starting and summer is winding down. Let’s pray for a great year for all our students and teachers! 

Fr. Owen Korte’s 65th Birthday and the RE-partnering of Holy Trinity and St. 

Michael’s party was a big success! Thank you to those who came to help him 


I attended the Knights of Columbus Day Retreat at Broom Tree Center on 

August 17, 2019. It was a good turn out. There was 31 guys total at the retreat and 7 of them were from our area, Clair Hochstein, Reggie Hochstein, Chuck Steffen, Louie Steffen, Chuck Feilmeier, Bob Weibelhaus, and myself. The Most Reverend William J. Dendinger, Bishop of Grand Island, NE was the keynote speaker. He had a great talk about the Biblical Conversion of Heart. He explained it as a change of that goes down deep inside of your gut. He really encouraged all the knights to get involved with 

activities in the church. It seems like the same guys are always doing things. The more people who get involved the more good we can do for our church and our own families. He stated that the mission of the Knights is to make people feel like they belong to a group.Your families should also feel like they belong to a group! So please help our council by getting more involved with the Knights and our church. Let’s start by attending our monthly meetings! Will you have a Conversion of Heart? As I had stated in the last newsletter, the average age of most 4th Degree Members in our council is over 65 years of age! We need younger men to take part in the 4th Degree! District Deputy Doyle Stevens came to last months meeting and talked about this. Please consider having a change of heart and joining the 4th degree! Doyle is looking for 15 guys to start a 4th Degree Membership council. I will be finding out more information soon. There will be a 4th Degree Exemplification coming up and I would strongly encourage anyone interested to join!

The 2019 Knights of Columbus Membership Fees: Please forward your payments to Pat Burbach if you have not done so yet! Better yet bring it with you to the next meeting!

If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while you should come check it out!! Young and Old Alike! See you at the August meeting!”

“Your Grand Knight

Old Alike!

See You At The Next Meeting!

Grand Knight,

Dean Wortmann