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  Knights of Columbus Monthly Meeting


April 25th 2018

Rosary 7:45 Meeting 8:00 PM

Council 1233 has been very busy the last couple of months with fund raisers, free throw contests, fish fry’s and breakfasts.  Thank you to all who stepped up to work and help support all of these events.  One purpose Fr McGivney had in mind when he founded the Knights of Columbus was to help Catholic men remain steadfast in their faith through mutual encouragement and to promote closer ties of fraternity among these men through volunteerism and civil service.  Working alongside fellow knights at any of our events is for me a good time and a great way to build friendships.  

2018 KC membership fees are DUE!!  Please take care of these asap!!  We have set up the option through the Bank of Hartington to have your dues automatically with drawn from your account, which help make paying your dues on time safe and convenient.  I encourage our members to use this option.  Pat Burbach can fill you in on the details if you are interested.  

22 Rules of knighthood.    Summarized rules of knighthood written more than 500 years ago by Erasmus of Rotterdam in his book “The Manual of a Christian Knight.”

1.Deepen and increase your faith.

2.Act on your faith; make it a living witness to others.

3.Analyze and understand your fears; don’t be ruled by them.

4.Make Jesus Christ the only guide and the only goal of your life.

5.Turn away from material things; don’t be owned by them.

6.Train your mind to distinguish the true nature of good and evil.

7.Never let any failure or setback turn you away from God.

8.Face temptation guided by God, not by worry or excuses.

9.Always be ready for attacks from those who fear the Gospel and resent good.

10.Always be prepared for temptation.  And do what you can to avoid it.

11.Be alert to two special dangers; moral cowardice and personal pride.

12.Face your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

13.Treat each battle as if it were your last.

14.A life of virtue has no room for vice.

15.Every decision has alternatives; think them through clearly and honestly.

16.Never, ever give up or give in on any matter of moral substance.

17.Always have a plan of action. Battles are often won before they begin.

18.Always think through, in advance, the consequences of your choices and actions.

19.Do nothing in public or private that the people you love would not hold in esteem.

20. Virtue is its own reward; it needs no applause.

21.Life is demanding and brief; make it count.

22.Admit and repent your wrongs, never lose hope, encourage your brothers, and then begin again.

Grand Knight

Carly Christensen