As a Brother Knight, it was my pleasure to work on this license plate project and get it rolling. Council 10184, Grand Knight Mike McDonnell, and I am happy to do the administrative work needed for this process. The following is some communication we can get out about how this works. Please feel free to share it in whatever format you would like. Let me know if you have any questions. It would be good to get this out to District Deputies, as well.

1. A Brother Knight will need to fill out the "Application for Organizational License Plates" form. The form is attached to this email. On the attached form, we have already filled out the "Name of Organizational Plate design for which this application is submitted" section with Knights of Columbus. The rest of the information needed will come from the individual Knight and their vehicle. The second attached page, labeled "Please Read Carefully", is just some general information regarding the process.

2. Fill out a check for $70 to "Knights of Columbus" or "Knights of Columbus #10184".

3. Mail the check and a completed "Application for Organizational License Plates" to the following address:

Knights of Columbus #10184

4804 Grover Street

Omaha, NE 68106

4. Once Council #10184 receives 250 prepaid applications, we will send a check to the State of Nebraska for $17,500. Once applications are processed, the applicants will receive an approval letter from the DMV. The letter indicates the date the plates will be available at the County Treasurer’s office and the County Treasurer’s telephone number to verify the Treasurer has received the plates. Current plates and registration must be surrendered when the organizational license plates are registered. WE NEED CHECKS AND COMPLETED APPLICATIONS MAILED TO US BY MONDAY, JULY 29, 2019.




Q: Is this license plate only good for passenger vehicles?
A: Motor vehicles, motorcycles/autocycles, trailers, semitrailers, and cabin trailers are all eligible for an Organizational Plate.

Q: Is the $70 fee a one-time fee, or will I have to pay it every year?
A: The $70 is a yearly fee for having an organizational plate. However, if you decide you don't want to keep the plate after a year or two, there is no obligation to keep the Knights of Columbus plate. You can go back to regular plates if you so choose.

Q: Why is this plate $70 a year when some plates are only $5 or $10 per year?
This plate is an organizational plate which is created through a Prepaid Application process. Some other specialty plates may have been the result of a law passed in the Nebraska Legislature. There are currently 11 other organizations that have $70 specialty plates. The Nebraska Knights of Columbus have more member than many of those organizations and we should be able to get 250 prepaid applications.

Q: What will the license plate look like?
A: We are modeling our license plate after the Texas Knights of Columbus plate. A copy of the Texas plate is attached to this email. The only changes are the state name and state logo will change to Nebraska.

Very best regards,

Evan Schmeits
Brother Knight

example plate