Who are the Knights of Columbus?

What did a knight do?

How does a man become a Knight? By his choice to joint the fraternity of men dedicated to Fr. McGivny’s ideal.  What can a young man do to prepair tobecome a Knight?  Become a Squire!  As in education, a young man starts the process at an early age.  Through instruction and training from someone who has already attained that which is sought.  In Midevil times a knight had squires he taught by example.  The Knights of Columbus also has a squire program to help form young men.  A multy step program that partners a squire with someone local that he might receive personal direction from a Knight.

1st degree squire:  When fighting an enemy it is important to have weapons and allies with wich to fight.  Prayer connects you to alliesin the communion of saints that have won victoried over the enemy.  Ask them for their guidence, secrets, and weapons!  Padre Pio said rgw eosary is our mghtiest weapon.  Becoming a 1dt dfree squire requires developing a daily prayer habit.

Atr you up to the challenge?  Send an email to the address below with your name, father’s name, home parish, and priest’s name to be partnered with a Knight that will help you develop a daily rosary habit 1st degree-Need to determine to whom email is sent.

Determin how many degrees are desired and what is mastered. 

What is a squire?