Volunteers of all ages are needed to clean up around the Hall

Calling all Volunteers !

Volunteers, both young and old, are asked to come together and give of their time and talents to assist in clean up around the Hall.
The clean-up campaign, which is being organized by Council Officers, is held as part of our ongoing efforts to keep the hall to the high standards you have come to expect.
The clean-up takes place between 5:30pm and 9pm (could end earlier) on a Wednesday during the week, and involve cleaning the grounds of litter, sprucing up the insides, and some light painting.
We try to spend some time weeding the land, cutting back shrubbery, collecting litter and sweeping the lot and surrounding area near to the hall. As well as
spending some time inside as needed.
Joe Bober, Council Trustee, said:
“There have been a number of hall clean-ups over the last year, but one thing that is always great is how many younger members and families got involved. “It’s really nice
to see them take pride in the hall and set a good example for other members in the council.”

Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact Joe Bober at 402-733-5688, or use the Contact Us link on the upper right.