Omaha Bee News
March 7, 1901


T.J. Mahoney Has Plans for Erection of Modern House on South Thirty-Seventh Street

     Plans for the erection of a residence on South Thirty-Seventh Street, between Farnam and Harney, by T.J. Mahoney are in the hands of the architects. The plans show modern residence in every particular and the estimate of the cost is $14,000, with probability of a few thousand dollars being added to this before the house is completed. The work on the building will not begin until about June 1 and it is expected that the house will be ready for occupancy before the beginning of winter.

Editor Note: The address was 312 So 37th Street. Part of the house is still standing. The back part is being used for apartments. See articles for May 15, 1956 and July 13, 1956.

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