January 1908

    Omaha Council exemplified all the degrees under the direction of Past State Deputy T.J. Mahoney on Dec. 15.  The briliant ceremonies of the day will not soon be forgotten by those present.
    Preparations are being made to install a new council at Wymore in the near future.
    Alliance Council recently held an exemplification and banquet. State Deputy J. B. Reddin of Colorado, was in charge of the degree work. The occasion was a splendid success. Many visiting Knights were present from Colorado and Wyoming.
    Three degrees were exemplified on a large class at Grand Island recently. District Deputy Maguire of Lincoln has charge of the exemplification. The occasion, the first annversary, drew an enthusiastic gathering of Knights from all parts of the state. On conclusion of the degree work the ladies of the parish served a luncheon.
    North Platte Council has an intiation and banquet on Nov. 24.
    Count Creighton Council of Creighton had a third degree exemplification recently, the work being put on by State Deputy, C.J. Smyth of Omaha.
    Grand Knight E.W. Semeral of Omaha council has been appointed District Deputy for Eastern Nebraska.

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