The Columbiad
April 1907

    The condition of the order of this state is extremely satisfactory.  The growth and tone of membership are all that could be desired.  The number of those added to the rolls since the last State Council is about 500, and 100 more will be initiated befor the next State Council.  Each Council is in excellent condition and every member enthusiastic for the Order.  "During the last year," writes State Deputy C.J. Smyth, "we have instituted three new Councils, and expect to establish two more before the 1st of May.  The effect upon the religious and civic character of our people in every community where a council exists, is obvious to all, and is a source of constant pleasure to the Church authorities."
    The Jackson Council held a St. Patrick's Day celebration on March 18, on which occasion State Deputy C.J. Smyth of Omaha, delivered a lecture.
    Omaha Council held a special session recently, at which many sincere tributes were paid to the memory of Count John A. Creighton.  A memorial expressing the Council's deep sence of loss was adopted.
    Quite a number of the Catholic students at the state university at Lincoln are Knights of Columbus.

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