True Voice
August 12, 1910

Reorganization of K. of C.
Fourth Degree

     At the quarterly meeting of the National Board of Directors of the Knights of Columbus a reorganization of the fourth degree of the society was accomplished. The United States and Canada have been divided into provinces for convenience and the provinces named for great Catholic pioneers and explorers. The provinces and their officers are:
Supreme Master. John H. Reddin, Denver Colorado. Champlain Province: Michael J. Gorman, Vice Supreme Master. Territory, Canada and all of the British possessions north of the United States.
Cabot Province: Dennis J. Gorman, Vice Supreme Master. Territory all of the New England states. Calvert Province: Wetherel J. Boyd, Fordham, N. Y.. Vice Supreme Master. Territory, states of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio and District of Columbia.
De Soto Province: George W. Young, New Orleans. Vice Supreme Master. States of Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia and West Virginia. Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Porto Rico and South America are added to this province for administrative purposes.
Marquette Province: August Rebham, Milwaukee, Vice Supreme Master. Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota,, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.
LaSalle Province: Thomas J. Gorman, Seattle, Vice Supreme Master California, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Idaho and Nevada. Wyoming, and territories of New Mexico and Arizona. Alaska, Hawaii and the Philippines are added to this province for administrative purposes.

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