The True Voice
August 26, 1910

Work on the new
Cathedral Progressing

    For the past two weeks progress on the new cathedral has been considerable.  The wall on the north side ere long will be ready for the outside roof.  The arching over the aisles on that side is nearly complete.  As soon as it is complete the square will be ready for the heavy modillion and the fancy stones for the artistic cornice will have passed through the cuttersí hands.  When the outer wall is complete on the north side the south side will be brought to an equal level before work is begun on the clerestory.
    While the bricklayers are completing the arches over the aisles the stone setters will work on the front of the cathedral.  The front at present appears a little out of joint with the high walls on either side.  Only one course of stone is required to make it ready for the balusters, three of which, with two niches for statues, will give a variety and an artistic grandeur to the front of the cathedral.
    In order that the work may go on the faithful of the diocese must be liberal in their contributions. The Bishop, instead of imposing an obligation on each parish of contributing a sum proportioned to its resources, as other Bishops have done, has preferred to rely on the liberality and zeal of each individual for Godís glory.  It not duty, then at least charity, zeal for Godís honor, love for the beauty of His house, are motives strong to drive away vain pleas and to urge us on to contribute each his best to the building up and adorning and beautifying of our cathedral.

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