This is a copy of a post card that was sent to members in 1911

Knights of Columbus

   Omaha Council No. 652
                                           Omaha, Neb. Dec 8, 1911

Dear Sir and Brother:

    The next regular meeting of Omaha Council 652 Knights of
Columbus will be held on Tuesday Dec. 12th, 8:15 p.m. in K of C
hall, Board of Trade Building.

    The Annual Election of Officers will take place at this meeting.
The lectureer will have a fine program.  There will be speaking, songs, music,
story telling, a big lunch, cigars, etc.  As this is his last meeting while in office
he intends to out do all his previous efforts and then some.   So brother, be sure
to be on hand early.                 Fraternally yours,

                                            A.L. Tamisiea, Recorder

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