This is a copy of a post card
that was sent to members in 1915

Knights of Columbus

                            Febr. 6th, 1915

Dear Sir and Brother:

    The next regular meeting  will be held
Tuesday the 9th at 8 o'clock. The Lecturer
Promises a suprise.
    The Lecturer and Entertainment Committee
announce a "Get together Dinner" at the Han-
shaw Hotel at 6 P.M. Thursday February 11th.
Plates $1.00 each.  Further particulars at
next meeting.   The object of this dinner is 
to get acquainted with our new members and
promote the good and welfare of the order.
   Second meeting Feb. 23rd.  Don't forget.

                 Fraternally yours,

                 A.L. Tamisiea,  Recorder

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