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May 20, 1924

Woman Aid K of C

Catholic Daughters Raise Funds for Social Center

    After the Catholic Daughters of America completed arrangements to have their permanent quarters in the Catholic Community Center and Knights of Columbus club-house building at Twentieth and Dodge Streets, they organized to help the Knights of Columbus to make a proper social and civic center building out of the clubhouse.
    The women are helping in every one of the thirty-three parishes in the city, and in eleven of them, there are captains with organized teams working on an equal footing with the men.
    Following are the names of the eleven women captains and the parish in which they are directing work:
    Mrs. Charles Knowles, St. John's;  Mrs M.B. Shea, St. Cecilia's;  Mrs. T.J.Shanahan, Our Lady of Lourdes;  Mrs. burt Melin, St. Philomena's;  Mrs. William Sheehan, St. Margaret Mary's;  Mrs. W.J.Poppe, St. Agnes;  Miss Alma Morln, Sacred Heart;  Miss Marie Ostronic, St Wencelaus;  Mrs. Gertude Burke, St. Bridget's;  Mrs. Gladys Weinert, St. Mary Magdalene's;  Miss Inez Murphy, St. Bernard's.
    Mary Hinchey, Elizabeth Crowe and Mary Maher compose the committee of Catholic Daughters which has made arrangements for the Catholic Daughters to make their headquarters in the new building.
    At the regular meeting of the organization tonight the women will be addressed by Francis P. Matthews, state head of the Knights of Columbus.

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