May 20, 1924


Proposed building to be bigger than
many of Omahas largest.

    The new Knights of Columbus clubhouse and Catholic Community Center building, which will be erected at the southwest corner of Twentieth and Dodge streets, will be larger than the Securities building, the Standard Oil building or the Grain Exchange building, according to the following statistics prepared by W. C. Fraser president of the Knights of Columbus club.
Securities building, Sixteenth and Farnam Streets:
    132 X 66 Feet, six stories, square building, square feet, approximately, 63,144, cubic feet, approximately 883,982

Standard Oil building, Eighteenth and Howard Streets:
    72 X 88, six stories, L-shaped; square feet approximately, 32,346; cubic feet, approximately, 393,526

Grain Exchange Building, Nineteeth and Harney Streets;
    132 X 40, L-shaped; square feet, approximately, 88,500; cubic feet, approximately, 1,076,700.

Knights of Columbus and Catholic Community Center building, Twentieth and Dodge Streets:
    152 X 146, six stories, partly L-shaped; square feet, approximately, 94,560; cubic feet, approximately, 1,250,000

    After the Knights of Columbus decided to make their new home a Catholic Community center as well as a Knights of Columbus clubhouse, they found that they would need $150,000 in addition to the $340,000 Subscribed eighteen months ago.  A campaign is now under way to raise this additional $150,000.

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