January 13, 1935

Stage Holdup at K.C. Club

Masked bandits get $38
after Making Four lie on Floor.

    Two young bandits, masked apparently with cellophane and armed with a sawed off shotgun and pistols, held up the Knights of Columbus club about 1 o'clock Sunday morning, cowed four people in the lobby and two more who came in, and escaped with only about $38.
    S. A. Dempsey night clerk who has been held up on duty three times was chatting at the desk with E.M. Segel, physical trainer, F.O. McCaffery of the home owners loan office and Ray Furlong, all of whom live at the club, when the men entered.  The bandits ordered the four to put up their hands.
    The bandit with the shotgun jammed it into McCaffery's ribs and repeated the order, and McCaffery finally compromised by lifting one arm slightly.  Then the robber told all three men to lie on the floor and McCaffery flatly refused.  The others complied, however, and after patting McCaffery's pockets to make sure he was not armed, the bandit let him stand.     About this time Byron Devaney entered the club, and the fellow with the shotgun met him at the door and made him join the others on the floor.  Next came a cab driver Furlong had called and he, too, was robbed.
    As robbers departed by the front door, Segel slipped into the elevator to call help.  Before he could find any the men were gone.

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