June 2, 1943

Dunn Leads
K.C. Council

    J. Ralph Dunn, 1610 South Thirty-fifth Street, Tuesday evening was elected grand knight of the Knights of Columbus, Omaha council No. 652.  In January, Dunn wa elected to serve the unexpired term of Patrick J. Norton, Boys Town, grand knight who was called to service.  dunn also served ad grand knight for july, 1936, to July 1937.
    Other officers elected are:  Thomas J. Sheehan Jr., deputy grand knight;  Dr. Ben Haller, chancellor;  George A. Peters, recording secretary;  Lawrence F. Welch, advocate;  Lawrence J. Abts, warden;  William B. Dresler, treasurer;  William P. Kelly;  Trustee; Dr. Joseph McKenna, outside Guard;  and Hugh ?. Gillespie, Member of holding company.
    The officers will be installed at the first regular meeting in July.  The term will run through the regular fiscal year, July 1, 1943 to June 30, 1944.

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