Knights Clarion
January 1947

Fourth Degree News

     As you have probably heard the Omaha Assembly, Number 652, Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, has made arrangements for the exemplification of the Fourth Degree on Sunday, February 16, 1947.
    It is the earnest desire of Master William Sheehan and your Assembly to initiate a large class on that date. We would like to secure at least 100 applications.
    As you know, with the exception of the clergy, applicants must have been members of the third degree at least two years prior to the date of the exemplification and over twenty-one years of age. If there are any other matters concerning the qualification of prospective candidates I will be happy to answer any such inquiries. Call Atlantic 5899 or Atlantic 3501 during the day; evenings Walnut 4415.
    Your Chairman would certainly appreciate any assistance which you would be able to render in making this the largest and best class ever to be initiated into this Assembly.
    No doubt you have close friends who are eligible to enter the Fourth Degree. Possibly they are waiting only for you to invite their application.
        RALPH BREMERS, Membership Chairman

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