June 24, 1949

K.C's Elect Bolus
Faithful Navigator

    Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, Omaha Assembly, Thursday night conducted there annual election of officers.
    Named faithful navigator, top assembly post, was Bolus J. Bolus, Omaha attorney. He replaces Vincent J. Ortman.
    Other officers are Leo Ratigan, faithful captain;  Ralph Bremers, faithful admiral;  Lawrence Abts, faithful pilot;  Joseph O'Connor, faithful comptroller;  Michael Ruberti, faithful inter sentinal;  and Anton Ludwig, faithful outer sentinel.  The Rev. J.H. Osdick was appointed friar by Mr. Bolus.
    The new officers will take assembly reigns at a ceremony July 28 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, 3301 Harney Streets.

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