From the May 1954 Issue of
the Knights Clarion Newsletter
Council 652

Membership Reaches 2000

    The good news can now be officially announced. The Council has not only reached the goal of 2,000 members, but has surpassed it.  The official record, received from the Supreme Council, standing as of March 31, 1954, is 2,020.
    And to add to this so called victory, we are happy to announce that thirty-seven new members and four readmissions were added to this number on Sunday, April 25, 1954.  As we receive the official records each month we will keep the membership advised.
    Grand Knight John F. Kreijci wishes to thank everyone for this accomplishment —to those who were the proposers of new members, reinstatements, readmissions, and to every member in good standing.  Membership Chairman Charles (Chuck) Newstrom also wishes to thank everyone for their sincere cooperation.
    Also, in this same issue, Supreme Knight, Luke E. Hart, announced the passing of the 900,000 member milestone.

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