Omaha World Hearld
July 13, 1956

Old Mansion Coming Down
to Make Way for New Street

    "Banker Lord's old place" at 312 South Thirty-seventh Street is tumbling before the wrecking crews.
    The four majestic pillars supporting the entrance and the front half of the earlyday Omaha mansion went down to make way for the Harney Street cut-through between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-eighth Streets.
    With it went another piece of Omaha history.
    Tax appraisal Board records showed the home fronting on Thirty-seventh Street was built in 1910.  An annex at the rear was added in 1926.
    Courthouse records showed that a Helen Mahoney owned the property in 1910.  E.M. Lord one of the founders of the Live Stock National Bank, merged in 1954 with the Omaha National Bank, recorded a deed to the home in 1918.
    Although Mr. Lord apparently did not build the house, oldtimers still think of it as the banker's place.  None could recall Helen Mahoney.
    Live Stock National Bank was opened in 1907.  Mr. Lord was cashier and a member of the board of directors.  He advanced to the president in 1915, died in the early 1920's.  His wife Agnes, later converted the property to Lord Apartments.  She died a few years ago.
    The present owner is Hal Easton.  He accquired the property in 1955.
    R.H. Kroger, now with Omaha National, Saturday recalled Mr. Lord and said he used to visit at te Lord home.  County Commissioner H.B. Berquist, whose father Axel B. Berquist, was another bank founder, remembered his father talking about the Lord family.  He said Mr. Lord came to omaha from Anita, Ia.
    The older part of the house featured a spiral staircase and wreckers said the construction was "amazingly well done."
    Mr. Easton said the back chunk of the house will be left standing.  It contains apartments.  Eventually, he said, the corner probably will be put to commercial use.

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