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During our annual Awards Banquet on August 3 brother, knights Peter Larson, and Past Grand Knight Robert Wachter
were honored for having more than 25 years of service as a Knight.
Sydney Smith will receive his Honorary Life memebership.

Our family of the year 2009-2010:
Paul "Bill" and Janet Lehn Family of St. Cecilia Parish

Our Knight of the year 2009-2010:
TONY Briganti of Holy Name Parish

The above knights and their families have been picked because of hard work and their example of living by the Code of Chivalry.

Code of Chivalry

by: Alfred Lord Tennyson
 "Always Live Pure, Always Speak True, Always Right Wrong and above all, Always Follow Jesus Christ, the King. That is the very heart of true Christian Knighthood. Without Chivalry, Knighthod is dead. Every true Knight must live by the Code of Chivalry, those who do not are not Knights at all." Code of Chivalry

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