Father Father Flanagan of Boys Town Council #652
at Saint Cecilia Parish

July 2015

July 2015 Events

July 7    General Business Meeting: Rosary - 7:15p.m.: Meeting - 7:30 p.m. Installation of Officers; Lay Apostolate Center

July 7    Last day to turn in Holy Name Calendar Club money and cards.

July 21    Officers Meeting: 8:00p.m. Lay Apostolate Center

July 19    Bingo Via Christe, 1:30pm – 3:00pm. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

July 27    Priests Appreciation Steak Fry Dinner.

July 27    St. Joseph Villa Bingo, 7:00pm. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

August, 2015 Events

August 4    6:15pm. General Business Meeting:
Rosary - 7:15p.m.: Meeting 7:30 p.m. Lay Apostolate Center

August 14    Knight’s Night at the Storm Chaser’s Baseball game.
Werner Park 5:30pm

August 16    Bingo Via Christe, 1:30pm – 3:00pm. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

August 18    Officers Meeting: 8:00p.m. Lay Apostolate Center

August 24    St. Joseph Villa Bingo. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

National March for Life in Washington D. C. in Jan. 2016.

    During the June K of C meeting after a short discussion, it was unanimously voted to support a motion to fund the cost of two high school students to attend the National March for Life in Washington D. C. in Jan. 2016.  The cost is capped at $400.00 per student.  The K of C officers are asking members to support this project with your financial support.  We feel that this is a valuable opportunity for the students.  Contributions will be welcomed at the July, Aug., and Sept. meetings.  Mail-ins will also be solicited.  This is the first time the Council officers have asked the members to make a donation to support the Pro Life project.

      Joe Schuster, Chairman

Bingo Via Christe, July 19 and August 16

    Every third Sunday of each month, Council 652 sponsors a Bingo Party at Via Christe Assisted Living, 3636 California Street, at 1:30pm – 3:00pm.  This is a smaller group, but some individuals need more help.  Volunteers are needed!!  Please!!  Contact Therial Bynum at 402-957-4159.

Bingo St Joseph Villa, July 27 and August 24

    St. Joseph Villa Bingo.  Every fourth Monday of each month, Council 652 sponsors a Bingo Night at St. Joseph Villa, 10th and Martha.  It is great to see the group get into the game.  We need Volunteers!!!  This is also an activity that you can have your children (11yrs. and up) get involved with.  It usually takes only one and a half hours.   Can you and your family spare that every two or three months?!?  Please!!  Contact Leo Batenhorst at 402-553-5729.


    Mark your calendars and reserve Friday, August 14 for our annual baseball night out at Werner Park.  We start the evening at 5:30p.m with a tailgate party in the grass area at the SW end of the North parking lot with hot dogs, brats, pop, chips and other refreshments.  Then it’s off to the game at 7:05.  This will be an evening for your entire family.  Bring a prospective member.

Fr. Michael P. Dowling Assembly #594
Priest Appreciation Dinner, July 27. April 18, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

    The Fr. Michael P. Dowling Assembly #594 will be hosting their annual Priest’s of the Archdiocese of Omaha Appreciation Dinner at Mount Michael Abbey in Elkhorn, Nebraska on Monday, July 27, 2015.  The meal (A fantastic steak dinner) will be $20.00 for non – clergy, and refreshments will be provided (contributions appreciated).  You can pay at the event and reservations are not necessary, but it would be a good idea to make them by calling Paul Lehn at 402-677-5260, so that they can have some kind of idea of a count.

Holy Name Calendar Club

    There are only a few days LEFT!! All stubs and payments must be in by July 7, 2015. This main fundraiser for the Council benefits Holy Name Church and School and many of our Councils charities

If you need Calendar Club cards, please contact
Tony Birganti		       or	Paul ‘Bill’ Lehn
Home 558-3963, cell 658-2164		Home 553-0461, cell 677-5260
Very Important!!!  Make checks out to ‘ Holy Name Church’ and be sure that KofC #652 is included in the “ sellers” line of the ticket stub, so that we get credit($10 per sell if we sell 150 or more)  Please turn the completed stubs and payment into Tony or Bill(they will even pick them up from you), so that we can keep track of progress and ensure we get credit for our sells. 
Thank You! Thank you!!!

KOC Council 652 2015-2016 Officers

Grand Knight		Mark Morehouse
Deputy Grand Knights	Tony Romero
Chancellor		Bob Wachter
Advocate		Joe Schuster
Treasurer		John-Paul Lehn
Warden			Tom Werner
Recording Secretary	Jason Martinez
Inside Guard		Mike Montag
Outside Guard		Al Vaccaro
Chaplain		Fr. Michael Gutgsell
Financial Secretary	Paul Lehn
Three year		Therial Bynum
Two year		Joseph Worthing
One year		Joeseph Saniuk

Council 652 Contacts:
Grand Knight	 	Mark Morehouse		402-558-0425
Financial Secretary 	Paul Lehn		402-677-5260	or
Trustee			Therial Bynum		402-998-5695	or

Power of Prayer

    We call on our members to combat the transmission of pornography, filth, horror, and glorification of crime and indecency in the press, in motion pictures, in television programs, video games, and on the internet by (1) boycotting purveyors of the same, and (2) praying 1 Rosary every Sunday.


Please pray for the souls of: 

Adelio “ Dan” Tosoni    DOD : 08/11/2014
Phillip D. Cushing      DOD : 07/11/2014
BK Jason Martinez’s daughter, Chloe   DOD: 12/02/2014
BK William “Bill” J. Gallagher    DOD: 10/15/2014    (KOC Member 61 years. Vet of WWII, Was awarded the Bronze Star during action in Italy.)

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen 

Please pray for Brother Knights and their family members:

BK Tom Werner’s son, Scott Werner.

GK Therial Bynum  who is recovering from  major surgery.

BK John “Jack” Arkfeld’s son, Dennis Arkfeld

BK Francis Boganowski, who is very ill


       Your Knights of Columbus insurance program is second to none.  Knights of Columbus life insurance represents a safety net for Catholic families that’s unsurpassed, and we’re proud of that.  We’re also concerned.  Why?  Because there are many Knights of Columbus members who have no life insurance with us.  I suspect that, for many of those members, tomorrow has become next week, next month or next year.  Don’t be one of them.  Don’t wait for the bell to ring.  It isn’t going to.

Knights of Columbus Insurance, Field Agent Steve Kluthe
13520 California St, Suite 200
Omaha, Ne 68154
Office 402-960-3179

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