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State Lottery Supports Vocations

Help Support Vocations through the
Annual State Lottery

Keep the Faith AliveOne mission of the Knights of Columbus is to support the sacrifices of our young men and women who have responded to God's call to religious life. The Nebraska Knights of Columbus has long contributed to their financial support through the Annual State Lottery.

Increased participation in the State Lottery is vital to the continuation of this support.

Several years ago, it became illegal, at the state and federal level, to mail or receive payment through the mail for any raffle/lottery tickets. This is illegal not only for the Knights State Lottery, but at the council level as well. It is also illegal to supply or receive payment for a raffle/lottery online.

While the State Lottery will not be held until April of 2013, it's important to note that sales have declined significantly over the years since we have not been able to mail the tickets. We need a unified effort in order to increase our sales and thus continue our long standing support of vocations.

Please pray that all State Officers, State Directors and Chairmen, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Council Officers, Insurance Agents, as well as every Brother Knight, will do their part to help in this effort. Distribution of 2013 State Lottery tickets to District Deputies will take place at the Mid-Winter Meeting this December and sales can begin after February 1, 2013. More information will be provided in the December issue of Nebraska Knights Courier and on the webpage.


Contact Lou Gasper, Nebraska State Warden