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Enrolling a
Brother Knight
into Memento Mori

The proper procedure for enrolling a deceased member onto the Memento Mori list is as follows:

Email your request to with the deceased's name, month and year of death and the council number.

Prayer chain emails going to the State Executive Secretary will not be recorded here due to the volumn of prayer requests.

Memento Mori

We pray for our deceased Brother Knights



January 2017
Rev. Frederick Snyder
Former State Chaplain

James J. Buscher, Council 3019
Bernard F. Costello, Council 3019
Lambert A. Ulrich, Council 3019
Charlie Barringer, Council 4434
Arnold Grudzinski, Council 5455
Marvin Maher, Council 10184

February 2017
John J. McCarty, Council 1123
John (Jack) Thalken, Council 1211
Charles M. Hennings, Council 3019
Richard (Dick) Bene, Council 10108
Fr. Bernadine Hahn, Council 10184
John London, Council 10184
Joseph Conrad, Council 10305
Duane Thelen, Council 10795

March 2017
Eldon W. Bassett, Council 1123
Roderick A. Gerdes, Council 1211
Melvin Moritz, Council 1211
Richard P. Matukewicz, Council 3019
Richard J Dunker, Council 3736
Edwin Krajewski, Council 7778

April 2017
Thomas E Riedy, Council 1728
Steve J. Vertin, Council 11823
Donald V Glatter, Council 12687

May 2017
Steve J. Vertin, Council 1123
Irvin E. Frodyma, Council 3019
Leonard P. Van Sant, Council 3019
James S Prysiazny, Council 6192
Michael J. McGuire, Council 9264
John (Gerry) O’Rourke, Council 10923

June 2017
Leo G. Wissing, Council 1123
Gerald K. Noble, Council 3019
Kenneth Howe, Council 4434
John Mastrianni, Council 6192
Dale E Burks, Council 10184
Victor Bauer, Council 13584

July 2017
Larry D. Rubenstein, Council 6192
Lad Hanus, Council 10184
Arlen ( Bud) Salmen, Council 11823

August 2017
Leonard J. Consbruck, Council 1123
Eugene A. Schmitz, Council 1123
Alfio (Fred) Aliano, Council 3019
Jerome J. Korisko, Council 3019
Walter F. Macaitis, Council 3019

September 2017
LaVerne R. Boudreau, Council 1123
Julien C. Van Haute, Council 3019
Norbert J Staley, Council 3736
Anthony P. Becker, Council 13576

October 2017
Joe Busing, Council 4434

November 2017
Leo B. Billesbach, Council 1723
Emanuel R. Smolik, Council 2373
Angelo "Terry" Randone, Council 3019
Leonard R Zahourek, Council 3736
Lawerence J Kuehl, Council 5455
James (Bud) Popp, Council 10184

December 2017
Thomas Schrack, Sr., Council 3019
Deacon Gary Chladek, Council 3019
Ken Cielocha, Council 9264

January 2018
Leroy Prochaska, Council 6192
Scott Hunter, Council 6192

February 2018
Harold (Hap) Engelkamp, Council 6192
David Schriener, Council 6192

March 2018
John P. Donahue, Council 3019
Robert D. Ryan, Sr., Council 6192
LeRoy (Patrick) Boettger, Council 10184

April 2018
Farris L. Bailey, Council 6192
Carroll Melliger, Council 9264

May 2018
Ralph E. Janousek, Council 3019
Gene F Emanuel, Council 3736
Donald Buxter, Council 10184

June 2018
Cyril (Moon) Dreifurst, Council 9264
Leo Kalinowski, Council 9264
Ernest A Plaza, Council 10815

July 2018
Lee Monson, Council 10184

September 2018
Cyril Zoucha, Council 9264

October 2018
John P Healey, Council 3019
Ted Niedbalski, Council 9264
Mike Kosch, Council 9264

November 2018
Richard C. Roche, Council 1723
Ernest J Mascarello, Council 3019
Elson Paquette, Council 6192
Allen Kula, Council 10184


January 2019
William G. Kochanocicz, Council 3019
Bill Merrill, Council 9264

March 2019
DeEarl (Bud) Chase, Council 10184

April 2019
Philip D. Peters, Council 3019
Jerry J. Mikulecky, Council 3019

Former State Chaplain and District Deputies Deceased as read at the
2019 State Convention

We pause now to pay homage to those Brother Knights who have served the Order on the State level, as State Officers or District Deputies, and who have passed on to their Eternal Reward since our last Convention. We pay tribute to them for their faithful and dedicated service to our Order, our Church and our communities.

Father Emmett F Meyer
Served as State Chaplain 1972 to 1974. Father was ordained in 1964. He left his mark at various schools and parishes in the Omaha Archdiocese. He was a member of Council 7034 Fr. John Brock Council in Valley.

Joseph W Keachall May 15, 2018
Was appointed District Deputy in 2015 and served until his death in May of 2018. Joseph was a member of 11737 Bishop Glennon P. Flavin Council in Denton

Cyril A Zoucha 9-20-18
District Deputy 1990-1994, Assistant Membership Director 1994-97 and State Council Director 1998 -2000. Cyril was a member of 9264 St. Anthony Council in Columbus. He was a Member of John F. Kennedy 4th Assembly in Columbus.

Kenneth Kreifels 9-26-18
District Deputy from 1966 to 1970. Ken was a member of Father Joseph Vanderheiden Council 3152 in Nebraska City. He was a member of Fr. Joseph Herber 4th Degree Assembly in Nebraska City

Steven Ormesher
District Deputy 2004 to 2008. He was a member of Council 12530 in North Platte and a member of St. Patrick’s 4th Degree Assembly in North Platte.

John Thomas Levendofsky
District Deputy from 1995 to 96. Member of Liberty Council 1904 in Hebron. John was also a member of Bishop Casey Assembly in Hebron.

Lowell Edwin Nesbitt
1982 -84 Lowell served as State Membership Director. 1984 -88 and 1998 -2000 he served as District Deputy. 1988 – 92 Lowell also served as State Health Service Chairman. Lowell was a member of Council 7081 in Imperial and was a 4th Degree Knight.